Pool Sand Filters

Quick Overview

• Improved water flow with the ultra pure filtration.
• Corrosion and U.V. resistant polyester reinforced fibreglass winding design for exceptional strength which will not split.
• Resistance against chemicals and corrosion with the ability to withstand high temperatures.
• Barrel unions for ease of installation and serviceability.
• Top mount heavy duty 7 position including winterize multi-port valve with large easy to operate handle and built in waste port for inspection of backwash water.
• Standard stainless steel long life oil filled pressure gauge.
• Simple backwashing requured periodically without need to hose down filter elements.
• Suitable for use with Zeolite filter media.
• Max.Water Temperature: 50

See tables below for required quantities
• Used in sand filters in lieu of normal sand and Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
• Made from volcanic rock for better filter performance and less time between backwashes
• Reduces chemical usage and enhances chlorine performance
• Reduces pool odour, eye and skin irritation
• Keeps your pool sparkling clean

Model No.Description
BIA-SSF19159 l/m, 340 kPa, 80kg sand (4 bags of Zeolite)
BIA-SSF24235 l/m, 340 kPa, 136kg Sand ( 7 bags of Zeolite)
BIA-SSF31371 l/m, 340 kPa, 230kg Sand (12 bags of Zeolite)
Model No.Description
BIA-ZEOLITE15KG15kg Bag Zeolite Pool Filter Media

List prices are recommended and exclude GST. There is no obligation to comply with the recommended list. Freight charges will vary in each state contact your local dealer for pricing. Prices and specifications and performance are subject to change without notice.

  • 4/06/2014 12:00:00 AM
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