Black Series Vortex Drainage Pumps

Quick Overview

The Black Series Vortex Pumps are characterised by:
  • Cast iron pump body and impeller for durability
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Dual silicon carbide/ceramic in oil bath & carbon/ceramic mechanical seal on motor side with oil lip seal (B15VA has a single silicon carbide/ceramic mechanical seal)
  • Carry handle
  • Versatile outlet connection 240V single phase motor with in-built auto reset thermal overload
  • 10m of power cable
  • Dewatering of cellars, garages, ditches, pits and ponds
  • Pumping clean or slightly dirty water
  • Can handle soft particles up to 30mm.
  • Grey water pumping, sump emptying, septic transfer, water transfer, pumping of light slurries.
2 Year Warranty

Part No Rated
Current Net
Max Flow Discharge
Outlet Size
Dimensions (mm)
BIA-B15VA 150W 1.5amp 7.3kg 6m 160 l/m 1¼” 132Lx186Hx304W
BIA-B25VA 250W 2.0amp 7.3kg 8m 200 l/m 1½” 131Lx196Hx314W
BIA-B40VA 400W 3.5amp 11kg 10m 300 l/m 2” 143Lx224Hx350W
BIA-B75VA 750W 5.5amp 37kg 11m 430 l/m 3” 155Lx260Hx435W

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  • 4/06/2014 12:00:00 AM
    White International is pleased to announce a new product range to the BIANCO PUMPZ range. This new Stainless Steel Self Priming Jet Pump and Pressure System range of pumps will complement the best selling BIA-INOX range of pumps.

  • 22/05/2014 10:59:24 AM
    In May 2004 in front of 350 Pump Dealers we launched the Bianco Pumpz Brand and Pump Range on the Gold Coast at the Seaworld Nara Resort in the Polar Bear Exhibition. At the time we had less than 10 models on display and as you can imagine the range was met with mixed reviews.